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Self-service kiosks - why is it worth to implement them in your company?

1 października 2019

Self-service kiosks are increasingly becoming an element of equipment and image of the largest companies on the market. We can use them in supermarkets, shopping centers, offices and modern restaurants, where they save time and make customers satisfied. It may seem that everything that self-service kiosks could do has already been offered, but the multitude of models still allows them to be used in newer purposes and areas.


Self-service kiosks will improve the image of your company!


Every enterprise of the future moves with the times and does not shy away from modern technologies. A consumer survey conducted in January 2019 reveals that over 85% of respondents are more likely to choose a place where they can take advantage of faster and automated methods of service. The presence of kiosks enabling modern forms of purchase or order execution reduces the waiting time and enhances the positive impressions of guests from visiting the premises. It increases traffic and provides the owner with a quick return on investment, and effectively allows to increase the profitability of the business.

Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the self-service kiosks to the individual needs of each company, the new element of equipment will perfectly complement the decor and match the style of the premises. Large technical possibilities will allow to build in loyalty card modules, NFC readers, full offer, payment terminals, and also provide additional advertising space, increasing the efficiency of marketing activities.


The self-service kiosk will save your money and staff’s time


It is impossible to improve the quality of consumption and customer service without the need to hire more employees. When using self-service kiosks, instead of 30 employees, you only need 1 to service 30 kiosks! Kiosks therefore ensure lower customer service costs than services provided by staff.

In addition, self-service kiosks save staff time, allowing to focus more on serving guests, as well as providing information and assistance, which will certainly have a positive impact on the company's image. In addition, a limited number of employees per shift often adversely affects the comfort and well-being of the staff themselves. The sheer volume of duties makes it difficult to take a break and the necessary rest, which worsens concentration and leads to mistakes. The self-service kiosk ensures speed and continuity of order fulfillment, without interruptions caused by breaks.


Self-service kiosks reduce the number of mistakes when placing an order


While the restaurant guest places the order himself, the possibility of a mistake is minimized. Research shows that most people are visual learners, they remember more easily and are more focused when they see a picture. The self-service kiosk serves as a sales stand where we can place an order and make a payment. When placing an order with this device, the visitor can see on the screen what and in what quantity he ordered. The margin of error is kept to a minimum, and thanks to several language versions, communication misunderstandings can be avoided.

Self-ordering significantly speeds up the process of its implementation, shortens the waiting time for the order, and thus increases the table rotation. It reduces the risk of mistakes, preventing the frustration of the guest, who leaves the premises satisfied with the fast and efficient service. This ensures that the guest will come again soon. Customers are becoming more and more aware of the value of time. So they are looking for quick solutions that will allow them to save time for the family.


Self-service kiosks add value to your bills


Self-service technologies accelerate the checkout process and increase both the quantity and value of orders. Reports provided by companies using self-service technologies show that the orders generated by kiosks are higher than those placed in the traditional way. The American company Taco Bell announced that by introducing self-service kiosks, it increased its sales by 20%!

According to recent research on self-service solutions, it has been observed that customers using self-service kiosks are more likely to decide to buy products with difficult-to-pronounce, foreign-sounding names. The fear of showing your incompetence to the cashier disappears.

Even a slight acceleration of the lead time affects the total value of a single order. Already accelerating this process by 7 seconds increases the overall value to 3%. Self-service system reports can be a pleasant surprise for entrepreneurs. Little additions bring big effects!


... and most of all, self-service kiosks will save your client's time!


Time has become a priceless currency for man. Conscious of the value of time, clients look for fast and high-quality solutions. They positively accept all technical innovations and quickly implement them into everyday use. Therefore, the client is more likely to choose places that go with the times, introduce new technologies and provide the opportunity to use faster, automated methods of service. The ordering process should run smoothly and without any difficulties for the customer. Self-service kiosks are a solution that can contribute not only to sales support and providing the company with higher profits, but also to unload queues, which will give customers comfort and convenience.

The world is rushing at a crazy pace, making people have less and less time for themselves, for family and friends. There is no time for rest, enjoyment and personal development. We are often forced to choose between professional success and family life.

By streamlining service processes in stores, restaurants or gyms, you save valuable time of your customers. And this is a value that customers around the world will buy together with your brand.

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