Smart automation: The way to Industry 4.0

24 lipca 2020

There is probably no object more rooted in human consciousness symbolizing the future than... robots! There are countless variations on them throughout pop culture, from steel men with diodes and antennas to sinister, armed and dangerous mechanical monsters. But the reality is quite different. What's more, robots have been present in our lives for decades, and we use the effects of their actions practically every day. Surprised? Then let's talk about industrial robots!


Why do we automatize production?


The basis of today's industry is the automation of production processes. By this phrase we mean the replacement of human work by properly constructed and programmed machines that can perform a specific activity with only minimal (mainly control) human intervention in the whole process. Such advantages are as numerous as significant. To begin with, the conclusion is that a person always comes first. Automation significantly improves work safety and health of the employee himself. By using robots, potentially dangerous processes as well as monotonous, tedious or forceful processes can be taken over by industrial automation, reducing risks and relieving the mental and physical strain on personnel, while allowing them to move human resources towards more creative and customized tasks. The use of automated production processes also ensures unprecedented hygiene and sterility of work, difficult to achieve by other means and necessary in many branches of economy (food, medical, pharmaceutical industries). However, the key and fundamental advantage of industrial robotization is the possibility of obtaining an unparalleled, highest possible quality of the production process. It consists of perfect repeatability, precision not achievable in any other way. Add to that the unrivalled performance combined with a relatively low operating cost and the results are obvious. Automation is the future!


First the automotive, now the whole industry!


The origins of robotisation of the industry have their roots in the automotive industry and so far it is this sector that has been at the forefront of automation. The first robots operated the casting machines, presses extruding car body parts, and later they were involved in the precise execution of welding, sealing or varnishing. Currently, automation is progressing in every branch of industry and is a determinant of technological development and prestige of a given corporation, which translates into its competitiveness on the market, especially international, and incomparably greater possibilities of customer acquisition. Other large sectors of the economy that are more and more interested in the benefits of robotisation are electronics, metal, but also food and pharmaceutical industries.


The future and industry 4.0


Further development of process robotization is part of the so-called fourth industrial revolution. After mechanisation, electrification and digitization, the time has come to implement intelligent automation, based on the possibilities offered by the Internet, communication, artificial intelligence. The robots of the future will have the ability to communicate with each other, with people and data contained in the clouds, to cooperate, to self-improve, to flexibly adapt their actions to existing conditions so as to continuously improve the quality, effectiveness and versatility of their actions. This will allow for further levels of production efficiency, increase the possibility of personalization and diversification of offered processes. The Internet of Things, is very closely linked to the concept of Industry 4.0.


Robotization in Poland


Despite the unquestionable advantages of the process of industrial automation, Poland still ranks at the end of listings. According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), robotization density rates are dramatically low, even compared to medium-developed countries like the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is due to the misconceptions and stereotypes that still exist. One of them is a view that suggests that workers are being driven out by robots and, consequently, that unemployment is rising. Experience from other countries shows the opposite. Why? Robots offer support, not complete replacement of humans! What is more, they translate into better mental condition, greater job satisfaction and a sense of professional fulfilment. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to change this state of affairs and to increase investments in automation and improve Poland's robotization rates, only this will allow the international competitiveness of Polish industry to be maintained!


Future will not wait! Let's automate Poland now!


Robotization is a path leading only to development. It allows for the realization of bold visions, bold ideas, significantly broadens the horizons and possibilities, while strongly improving the economic and social balance. It is no secret that this is an unavoidable process that the whole world economy is striving for, which is why it is so important not to fall behind in this arms race.  This will ensure our country's international competitiveness and, consequently, economic development and the well-being of our citizens. By investing in technology and investing in robots, we invest in Poland!

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