Awareness is a good investor's strenght - interview with Tomasz Sychowski, CTO of SelfMaker Smart Solutions

26 marca 2021

SelfMaker Smart Solutions is a bridge connecting the world of traditional investments with modern digital solutions. It is a place of clash between investors from completely different backgrounds, based on different values ​​and operating in accordance with different rules. We talk to Tomasz Sychowski, one of the founders of SelfMaker Smart Solutions, an experienced investor in traditional and digital markets, about the realistic approach of a conscious investor.


Mateusz Jarzombek: Hello Tomek! The guest of the last interview published in our blog was the President of the SelfMaker group - Marek Wieteska. Today we have you here, a person who can be indisputably called the father of an innovative financial project -  SelfMaker Smart Solutions. How did it happen that you became its co-creator?


Tomasz Sychowski: Hello! Thank you for inviting me to this interview. I met the President of SelfMaker - Marek at one of the meetings on cryptocurrencies. Obviously, the conversation focused on business, and in particular on building its true value based on meeting the basic needs of society. That's when I found out what SelfMaker does. I also saw with what passion both Marek and his employees talk about the trials, research and experiments with new self-service solutions carried out there. It was also a time when I wyruvisited Łódź quite often, which became an excuse to visit the company's headquarters. One thing leads to another and it turned out that SelfMaker, like every company, at some stage needs financial wind in its sails to leave out into the global waters.


MJ: And that's when you and your many years of experience in the cryptocurrency market come into play?


TS: Exactly! Marek is a visionary, he is ahead of trends, he is already planning movements that for others are just a distant fantasy. Therefore, he enthusiastically embraced the idea of leaving the traditional financing model in favor of tokenization - a digitized, more modern and in many aspects improved form of issuing the company's shares.


MJ: It seems tha you two match very well. Do you also get along in terms of technology? Do you like new devices, gadgets?


TS: I like it, but I'm not a technological freak. In this case, I like pragmatism. I am far from a gadget fan, but I am fascinated by the direction in which the world is headed. It was only few years ago, when I had the simplest telephone for calling and messaging only. Cryptocurrencies forced me to develop in this matter as well.


MJ: How do you see this branch of the economy from the business point of view? Do you think investing in modern technologies is the right way?


TS: Of course it is. An example is Nikola Tesla - a great inventor, humiliated and ridiculed in his lifetime. Many of his inventions did not gain recognition until after his death. Despite many obstacles, it was technology that finally won after more than 100 years. And today, one of the companies of Elon Musk, the manufacturer of the most famous electric cars, has a name that pays tribute to Tesla. It all shows that properly designed and implemented technological solutions defend themselves, and their producers achieve success. To sum up: yes, investing in modern technologies is the right way, but like any investment it takes time and understanding of the market.


MJ: What does an investor have to take into account if he plans to invest his capital in shares of company from the technology sector?


TS: First of all, he should be patient. The process of creating devices that we use every day is often long, difficult and expensive. Countries such as the US, China and Japan, which are giants in the field of technology, spend billions of dollars on research, fully aware that some of it will be used to no avail. But that's what it's all about. For the final product to be perfect, it often takes years, a lot of experimentation and a money-making machine <laughs>. SelfMaker has an advantage in this field, it is years of experience and building its unique know-how from scratch. This allows for more effective work, better resource management and a more precise vision of development. That is why we invest in companies that we trust and whose work effects and development can be seen and experienced. In such a case, success is usually a matter of time.

MJ: Your words show wisdom and a great awareness of the mechanisms of the market you are a part of. What do you think are the most important factors that should be taken into account when choosing your next investments?


TS: I rely mainly on intuition. I must have the inner feeling that this is where I want to go, whether I want to "be a part of it" as you put it so nicely. I need to get to know the people managing the company, see what its work looks like from the inside. I also try to have a vision of what the world might look like in 3, 5, 10 years. Thanks to this, I started my adventure with cryptocurrencies before they became popular. Now I know that digitization will cover other areas. Process automation also has a bright future. Today, hardly anyone uses the bank's office to withdraw money, because most of them take it from the wall. Self-service checkouts, self-service reception points or click & collect are becoming the norm. Simple activities will be transferred to the final recipient - the customer.


MJ: Do you rate cryptocurrency projects in the same way?


TS: When I started to be interested in the market, it was far from mature. Inexperienced players dominated it and used pump & dump mechanisms to quickly multiply their assets. Currently, the market is changing strongly, it is maturing which is not overlooked by experienced investors of the traditional market or larger institutions. I think that currently there are several principles that work in most cases in every market: usefulness, building real value and the possibility of achieving the scale effect - globalization.


MJ: Is it possible then to conclude that the worlds of traditional and cryptocurrency investors have started to blur? Or are they still two separate entities?


TS: Definitely started to blur. The cryptocurrency market is increasingly dominated by awareness - both among the creators of subsequent projects and investors. DEFI projects are the best example of this.

MJ: SelfMaker Smart Solutions brings it all together. Taking the path of tokenization is taking a winding and bumpy road, but will it ultimately be the one that will be full of wonderful views?


TS: I think it is always worth to find new trails, even when at the beginning everyone says that it will "fail", "it will not work". I think that 2021 will become the year of the STO market and soon no one will remember that we were the pioneers. Tokenization will become the norm. A natural transition of finance from traditional to digital model. Currently, crypto projects that are applicable in the real world are successful. We have what it takes to make it happen as well.


MJ: What is your final thought and advice for future and current SelfMaker Smart Solutions investors?


TS: Remember that real value, usability and technology will always defend themselves. SelfMaker has each of these features. I think that the path to the TOP 10 global STO companies is a goal for the next years of development.


MJ: A very optimistic accent at the end. However, looking at all of this in terms of foundations, it is a realistic option. Thank you, Tomek, for this very interesting and educational conversation.


TS: Thank you too.


Interview by Mateusz Jarzombek



BIO: Tomasz Sychowski, Chief Technology Officer at SelfMaker Smart Solutions. Entrepreneur, experienced investor and capital markets enthusiast. Associated with the financial market. He manages and runs cryptocurrency mines. Individual investor in the real estate market. Passionate about new technologies and crypto currencies.

If you want to contact Tomek, visit his Facebook profile:




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