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Let's talk about opportunities

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Selfmaker Technology Spółka z o.o.
ul. Wersalska 54
91-212 Łódź, POLAND
NIP: 9471997983

Main warehouse and registered office:
Selfmaker Technology
ul. Mokra 31
95-082 Chechło Drugie, POLAND

Headquarters in Spain:
C. Isaac Albéniz, 1
29130 Alhaurín de la Torre
Málaga, SPAIN

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What's up in the world of automation? Find out about the latest news from the life of the SelfMaker group. New devices, implementations or fairs.
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No challenge will surprise us. We will analyze your business and propose solutions that will take it to a higher level.
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Work with the best specialists in the industry, creating solutions that change the everyday life of us all.
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We are a technology company that designs and builds multifunctional self-service devices, integration tools and software.
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