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RetailShow 2019: Selfmaker with the Retail Innovation 2019 award

22 listopada 2019

When we first showed ourselves to the world 4 years ago at RetailShow, the largest event for the retail industry in Poland, we didn't really know how we would be received by the industry. A lot of uncertainty, the attempt to verify us by the market was in full swing. We, a small company from Łódź. The first appearance to the world. A group of friends who decided that the retail industry deserves a breath of technology, polish product quality, and flexible approach to designing and implementing self-service devices.

However, every story has a beginning. Ours began on a day when we understood that to be better, we must learn from the best. Learn from experience, be thankful for the lessons you get. Today we know that we took our chance, but without our partners it would not be possible. We thank them very much for it. They know how much we owe them.

We were on the verge of making our dreams come true - first prototypes, first independent implementations, and finally the first mass orders. We knew it was now or never. That we have to rise to the occasion, that all busy nights, constant discussions and the improvement of materials, forms and mechanisms are worth it. We knew that the first impression is made once and that trust is gained for years. We worked as hard as we could, pushing our own limits, as everyone in the Selfmaker team knows.

Because without these people: constructors, electronics, developers, customer caretakers, helpful ladies from the office and service guys, there would be nothing. There would be a vision without coverage. There would be no #selfevolutionteam base

A year or two passed, the first successes and a positive response from the market. Then we felt that we could do more, that we wanted to show more. SelfBox was born out of a bold vision and hard work. Our sum of experience, inspiration, years of work and dreams of a different quality on the market. A kiosk that proves that there is room for quality combined with great design, ergonomics and a stable structure. Our change, the first #selfevolution.

We knew, however, that even the most beautiful form would not be complete without a good interior. We started looking for the best software solution for the retail industry. We knew what our clients expect, what changes the market will force on them and that the strength lies in a technologically reliable partner. That's why we started working with #microsoft.

The SelfBox that we presented at this year's fair is the first kiosk in the world fully integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 retail system. We knew that this was a good direction, but the confirmation of our predictions by the jury of the RetailShow competition and the main prize of Retail Innovation 2019 in the field of technology, only confirmed that we were not mistaken.


However, every great success is nothing without people supporting the company. People who believe in change, who know that division by multiplication is the most effective way. We knew we needed support.


A group that will support us with its resources, strength, energy, kind word, knowledge and experience.

People who understand what is the time saved in the store without queues.

Who appreciate technology and its impact on our lives.

Visionaries who know how to turn value into business.

Communities that need technology to communicate with the world.

And finally, entrepreneurs who want to respond to market needs.


People who, like us, BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION.

And they decided to be part of it.
Part of #selfevolution

We are proud and touched  that you are with us.


Galeria by our tireless photographer - Rafał Mirowski ---> www.facebook.com/rafalmirowskiphotography



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