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PR media Poland: People in Poland want automatic cash registers everywhere, also in the countryside. They also want automatic machines for collecting parcels. However, companies are not ready for this

28 sierpnia 2022

The popularity of self-service solutions is not surprising - above all, they are a response to the greatest pain in the 21st century - lack of time. As much as 73 percent. of respondents declare that they choose self-service solutions because they save time, and give convenience as another argument (76%). Unfortunately, traders and service providers themselves do not keep up with consumer expectations.

The enormous acceleration in the area of ​​solutions that automate sales processes in the retail and services sectors has resulted in the fact, that self-service devices are not only more and more often implemented by retail chains, but also Poles are more and more willing to use them - as much as 76 percent of the respondents use lockers to pick up parcels and 71 percent use self-service checkouts - according to a study conducted by SW Research on behalf of SelfMaker.

The popularity of self-service solutions is not surprising - above all, they are a response to the greatest pain in the 21st century - lack of time. As much as 73 percent. of respondents declare that they choose self-service solutions because they save time, and give convenience as another argument (76%).

Automatic cash registers, parcel lockers - yes, and we want even more

The positive acceptance by customers of modern technology solutions has contributed to the efficient redirection of traffic from the last mile to automation

- says Marek Wieteska, CEO of SelfMaker.

The data shows that Poles love self-service and use it every day. It is noticeable not only in such obvious areas as courier service or everyday shopping. Self-service has also made it to the catering industry - 58 percent of people already use the self-service kiosks for ordering in fast food restaurants. The potential of such solutions is also noticed by the medical industry, which provides patients with self-service reception desks - 47% of people taking part in the study commissioned by Selfmaker use this solution.

Barriers in using self-service solutions

However, each medal has two sides. Despite the fact that self-service has become a permanent part of the purchasing pattern of Poles, and the development of this segment has greatly accelerated, barriers are still encountered.

31 percent of the respondents pointed out that there are no lockers to collect parcels in their area. This is especially true for rural residents. This is an important message for the market, as the survey showed that the inhabitants of rural areas, despite the lack of availability of such a solution, would like to be able to use them.

- comments Marek Wieteska.

Even simpler operation and greater availability - much appreciated

Problems with accessibility also apply to self-service checkouts, which have been with us for years. According to research, 29 percent of the respondents do not use this solution because they simply cannot - stores in which they do shopping are not equipped with such devices. This is a problem that again affects the inhabitants of rural areas to the greatest extent (29% of responses) and cities with less than 100,000 inhabitants (40% of responses).

The market should definitely look in this direction and develop niches. In villages and smaller towns there is great potential to implement comprehensive self-service solutions. It is simple, because the inhabitants clearly signal to us that they need it - it is difficult to imagine a more friendly ground for action.

- adds Marek Wieteska

However, barriers to the use of self-service solutions result not only from the lack of availability. The operation itself, as well as technical parameters, also play an important role. 49 percent of respondents shared their fear that they would not be able to handle the self-service checkout.

Another important message for the market - simplification is important not only from the perspective of the purchasing process itself, but also from the perspective of the use of devices and accompanying applications

- adds Marek Wieteska

Self-service solutions, apart from building accessibility, convenience and time savings, perform one more, very important function - they fit into the smart city model, and in the case of lockers, in the visions of greener cities.

At the same time, they are no longer a technology dedicated only to large urban agglomerations because, as research shows, consumers from smaller spots expect such solutions also in their area.

Source: https://strefabiznesu.pl/polacy-chca-automatycznych-kas-wszedzie-takze-na-wsi-podobnie-automatow-do-odbioru-przesylek-firmy-jednak-nie-sa-na-to-gotowe/ar/c3-16591813

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