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Business Insider: "New ROSSMANN in ŁÓDŹ - the drugstore of the future"

22 czerwca 2020

A few days ago Polish media were flooded with information about the new Rossmann located in Łódź. Portals like Business Insider and newspapers wrote with appreciation about the opening of store that we have never seen in Poland before. Forums and social media groups were hot from the discussion of clients who approached the new image of the popular brand with approval. "Rossmann has opened his flagship store in Poland. What does the future drugstore look like? ", "Rossmann showed a new drugstore format", "Rossmann opened a new store that has never been in Poland before"


And the media buzz is nothing strange here - the new drugstore in Manufaktura Mall in Łódź impresses with its design, technology and wide product offer, which will appeal especially to those customers who prefer natural cosmetics. The store was divided into four zones, and one of them contains a refill station section, that means devices with which customers can fill their reusable bottles with shampoo, washing liquid etc. An additional improvement for customers is the "Click & collect" service.


Online shopping with the option of delivery to a self-service point located in the store is now recognized as one of the leading trends in the retail market. For over a week now, the Rossmann customers in Manufaktura Mall can use the internal device for collecting their packages, thanks to which the receipt of ordered goods will be even faster and more convenient. The device supplier is SelfMaker.


SelfLocker is the latest product line in our company. It not only supports the retail customers purchasing process but also meets the expectations of retail chains that are able to connect the e-commerce channel with physical outlets more efficiently. This is a dynamic response to the needs of the market, which, as you can see, is waiting for such solutions - says Marek Wieteska, CEO of Selfmaker.


Rossmann Polska representatives emphasize that the new drugstore is a "step into the future" for the company, and customers are already expecting similar stores in other Polish cities.


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